Your American-Assembled E-Bike Solution

One thing that can be said with utmost confidence about Emerald Coast E-Bikes is that our bikes are 100% assembled in America. We are a proud rental business serving the lovely Emerald Coast of Florida. Our mission is to offer you an efficient, eco-friendly way to explore the beautiful landscape of the coast.

A Better Option

Electric Bicycles (E-Bikes) have emerged as an increasingly popular, enjoyable and efficient transportation mode on the vibrant Emerald Coast. With bicycle lanes and paths lining just about every road, E-Bikes offer a notably swift alternative to rental cars and golf carts especially during peak season. Let's face it would you rather be stuck behind a line of cars and golf carts on 30A and Scenic Highway 98 or cruising past it all on the paths and sidewalks? Distinguishing themselves from traditional bicycles, E-Bikes operate on a combination of electronic power and pedal power, eliminating the need for continuous manual pedaling.

Get It Delivered

We understand the value of your time. That's why we offer an exclusive delivery service straight to your door. Forget about the hassle of pickup and drop-off - with Emerald Coast E-Bikes, the journey starts at your doorstep. Reserve a bike today and experience the beauty of the Emerald Coast like never before.

Efficiency and Safety

All our e-bikes are 100% American-made, ensuring high quality and durability. Furthermore, to accommodate the growing popularity of biking in the area, major roads around the Emerald Coast have dedicated bicycle lanes. This guarantees you a safer and more enjoyable ride.